Benefits of Using a Portable Water Softener

A portable water softener can make your travel experience so much better due to cleaner, softer water for drinking and showering and it will also help your RV system by limiting mineral deposits and wear on the pipes.

Benefits of using a portable water softener starts with trapping minerals that are the cause of hard water.  Filtering and softening the water will reduce water system build up in the RV network of water transfer.  The way to protect the RV freshwater system from these deposits only takes the time and purchase of a softener.  This will make the soap lather better while showering, making hair and skin softer.  Deposits that are unsightly and make the shower, faucet and fixture area look dingy and darkened will be less.

For example, a water softener that is inline will help condition any water brought into the RV system by trapping and separating the magnesium and calcium that can make water hard and will form deposits.  A freshwater hose connection that goes from the RV water park faucet and the RV water coupling doesn’t even require tools, it can be connected by hand and will form a complete fitting for better water introduced into the system.

Some of these are a fiberglass piece canister can make for an easy to stow and haul water softener for RV use.  The freshwater bay can store something this size very well.  These are typically less than 2 ft and 8-9 inches in diameter.  These types don’t require electricity to run and they have a bypass and drain for winter storage.

To use these canister type portable water softeners requires around six pounds of rock salt that is often sold separately.  There is a dome for filling with a salt cap and makes for easy access.  Also, most will come with instructions on the canister for easy and quick reference.

So what are the real benefits to owing and installing a water softener for RV’s while camping out on the road.  Well, in addition to having cleaner, softer water they will make for less soap needed to either take a shower or to efficiently and effectively do chores that require water like the dishes.

Think about it, water that is softer can lather easier and will make washing much simpler.  Cleaning the sinks and showers regularly will be easier.  Anything that needs washing, even the truck and RV itself will benefit from the softened water through the water softener.  Don’t go camping without one.

Some people choose not to use the conditioner and water softener as much for drinking or cooking, but that’s fine.  The salt won’t be a problem that way.  Even then, there are so many other benefits to installing one that the purchase is well worth it, just make sure to recharge and back flush the unit periodically so it will be working at its best.  Always carry enough salt in the RV in order to clean the softener the right way at the right time.

To properly maintain and operate an RV water softener is simple.  Take time to back flush the unit for around three to five minutes, then drain the water from the tank so it will have room for the salt to be inserted.  Change the handle to the correct spot for softening, then run water through the system onto the ground for another three to five minutes before making the connection from the portable water softener to the RV.  Make room for its storage someplace in the RV because this is a great item to have on board when traveling from place to place.