Expandable Travel Trailers

If you are considering purchasing a new camper in the near future, be open to the expandable travel trailers that are now out on the market.  These campers come in several different lengths and sizes.  The best feature about these units is that they provide the convenience of a towable light weight trailer while giving the owner the splendor and exceptional dimensions of a larger type RV.

The expandable class of camper trailers, also know as hybrid trailers, typically come with a hard exterior shell which look and give off the impression of a regular travel trailer, however, when they are finally brought to the campsite, staged and completely set-up the ends of the camper expand outward in order to allow for extra space that is used for a sleeping area and these spots don’t get in the way of anything else provided in the floor plan.  The expanded sections allow for more of a living area while still being movable, economical in size and mobile on the road.  This makes for a camper that is more easily towable with reduced size and drag, less weight and more fuel efficient that a larger type travel trailer.

The floor plans that are available on the expanded trailers are really as open and available as the regular traveling trailers.  These trailers range in size from seventeen feet and up and have all the amenities of a normal camper travel trailer like stacked bunks, a dining space, a full sized cooking area and rest rooms.  These expandable campers are made with high quality building material and the design teams that work on  them have planned for units that will last for a long time.  Long periods of time spent on the pavement moving from place to place and sturdiness while being used in a campground are part of the expectation of these trailers so they will not disappoint.  These are not campers that will get run down easily, these are a new type of camper that manufacturers want to succeed.  This should be a model and style that will be around for awhile.

A lot of these hybrid model trailers are put together with strong but lighter weight materials.  And because these units are put together with materials that are lighter and along with their economical structural and wind resistant design, this will again help with fuel efficiency in the towing vehicle.  Whether it be an SUV, minivan, light pickup truck or even a larger car the light weight expandable travel trailers are just right.

Expandable trailers can be built with either a soft pop-out or a hard shell slider.  The soft sides are much like the regular pop-up trailers because the soft sides are able to be folded into the camper when they are not being used and especially when the camper is being towed down the road.  When in travel the pop-ups must be withdrawn into the housing on the unit.  The hard sliders may also be engaged on these trailers.  Sliders can easily be pulled out on these expandable RVs while the pop ups are slightly more difficult to set up.  Even though the sliders are easier to release and engage they also require some more maintaining of the gearing system and the associated rubber seals.

Expandable travel trailers are great campers for either single vacationers, couples or whole families who want to go out and enjoy the outdoors.  Even though these types of trailers are new on the market doesn’t mean they are any less reliable or economical than other travel trailers like ultra lites or other small campers.  The materials and design are coordinated to create a smart and consolidated camper ready to tow as a small unit and then expand out into a roomy hang out, dining and relaxing area as well as a comfortable sleeping space.

These RVs are made to have enough room for camping in and then made small and compact enough to store easily when they are not being used.   No matter which types of expandable feature the buyer chooses these campers will allow for a fun and practical camping experience.  The tent pop-outs extend out of the end of the campers with a breathable and comfortable cover with a sturdy bottom for sleeping on.  The hard sliders can create more internal room which makes for a great overall camper.

To summarize, the four main things to look for when researching and purchasing a travel trailer with expandable features is: first, check into the camper’s towability.  Check into your own vehicle and find out the towing capacity.  Compare this number to the travel trailer you are interested in possibly buying.  Of course,  if your vehicle cannot handle the trailer you cannot purchase it.  Second, what is the size of trailer you will need?  How many people will be camping and how big is the storage area where the camper will reside when it’s not in use?  Third, check and make sure the particular trailer has the comfort and amenities that fit into your travel preferences.  Lastly, make sure the set up time of the trailer is something you can handle and that won’t interfere with your plans.  Once you can identify all the features that will work, go about finding the right travel trailer and if an expandable trailer seems right don’t hesitate to buy one.