Manufacturers of Lightweight Travel Trailers

In the current world of RVs it has come to the point where many of the manufacturers, if not all of them by the time of this writing, have come out with a steady stream of lightweight travel trailers.  At least they are tagged and advertised as lightweight when they may not be all that low in weight.  Many of these marketed trailers have the insignia showing them as lightweight, but in reality they may not be that much less in gross dry weight than a regular trailer.

But lately there have been many lightweight trailers that have been designed and released that are truly lighter and simpler to haul.  This is like a resurgence in the field of  lightweight trailers.  These newer units are being produced and sold with ranges of length in the thirteen to nineteen foot range.  Even though they have a good set of equipment these extras are not forced on the buyer as a standard piece option.

While many trailer buyers, or those interested to see what is out there, are looking into the smaller units that are lighter in weight and somewhat basic compared to the big, complex motorhomes and large fifth wheels, it was as if for a long time none of the manufacturers were listening or even cared to delve into this market.  Today that has all changed as several manufacturers are now listening more than ever and have made the room in their schedules and facilities to begin producing the smaller and lighter type RV travel trailers that people are interested in purchasing.  Just because they are lightweight and smaller does not mean they are small on room.  Manufacturers have done a great job making these trailers very efficient when it comes to space and design and even some of the lighter trailers that have used aluminum instead of steel to reduce weight are twenty-five to thirty feet long.  Many manufacturers found the lightweight travel trailers as a diversion from their initial plans on what to make but quickly found out that there was a growing market for them.

Very recently when attending an RV seller’s expo at the local convention center there was an introduction of many of the newer type models of the reduced size trailers.  This didn’t take place at only one of the several manufacturer’s showcase areas but at many of them.  This is a move in the right direction almost across the board for the big names in the trailer business.  It should be noted that by offering these newer designs to the consumer it brings the ability to use smaller pickups, SUV’s and even cars into the mix and enables more people to have a camping experience with a travel trailer as part of the vacation.

Of all the lightweight travel trailers that currently exist there are a few that really stand out to those who are shopping for true light weights.  It is important to note that some of these may list themselves as a shorter RV model while the overall length is longer.  This is because the trailers are indicating only the internal floor length not the total tongue to bumper length.  For some of these they may weight less than twenty seven hundred pounds.  This is very light for its length.

Some of these although do not have air conditioning and may not even have an outdoor awning to pull out and cover up from the sun.  These may be sacrifices that lower the price but may not be acceptable for those traveling in hotter regions or areas where direct sun may be an issue.  Others may not carry other types of appliances like microwaves.  Many items may not come as standard issue.  This isn’t always a bad thing since now buyers can be more choosy and only include those things they really need.  But be particular and pay attention to what might be included and what might not in order to make sure you choose everything that is needed for your particular travels.

The bottom line is customization.  This is key.  This gives any buyer the leeway to add only what is necessary and will save money on things that are just add ons to make a trailer seem “loaded” when, in fact, it may simply overload the trailer.  The idea is to keep it lighter and less of a burden on a smaller vehicle.  The price therefore should be better and the options more open.

The attention paid to smaller RVs by the manufacturers makes for a broader selection.  Having more options and variety among the camper and trailer traders is always good for the consumer.  More volume and choice means more competition and better price.  Keep this in mind when searching for a light RV for sale, if you don’t like the first few trailers you see, don’t worry, take your time and look around before making a purchase.