Pop Up Tent Trailers

When going camping people still like using tents as their primary place to sleep throughout the night.  Tents are lightweight, cheap and can actually resist the weather and cold fairly well.  Tents are a common tradition among campers, but it should be noted that now there is another option and that is the variety of pop up tent trailers available.  At the modern campground, it’s a frequent occurrence to see people using camper trailer tents in the outdoors.

The truth is campers will often get exhausted after spending an hour trying to pitch a tent every time they go camping with their families.  The tent trailer really bypasses this issue because instead of folding up a canvas tent or nylon shelter to stuff into a bag or duffle anyone can instead hook up a trailer to the hitch of their vehicle, whether a small truck or SUV, and tow it to the campground.  What this means for you is that anyplace you want to go you will be able to take the pop up camper and without too much hassle at all.

The camper trailer is ready to go and this means no tents will need to be loaded into the truck unless someone wants it for an emergency or just in case some friends or family happen to show up at the camping site.  Other than these out of the way scenarios it won’t be necessary at all to bring a tent.  Vacationing can be so much better and enjoyable with a tent trailer.  The main destination no longer has to be about getting there right on time and with a lot of sunlight left in order to set up the tents because these new tent pop up travel trailers are easy to pitch, easy to get into and roomier than a regular tent.

One of these pop up tent trailers would be a lot of fun for any camper.  These RVs give travelers so many options and these include style, many features that are included by the manufacturers, space design and overall price.  It’s simple and possible to find a selection of pop-up trailers, folding camp trailers, towable trailer tent campers, folding campers and soft-side trailers and much more.

The pop up type trailers are able to fold down into their molded shell thereby being easily towed and keeping a great aerodynamic quality about them.  When the campground destination is reached, then the tent trailer can be easily popped up and then the camper is ready to go.  No stakes to hammer into the ground, no tarp to go down before the tent, no maneuvering around lumps or hilly areas in the ground at all.  Instead, simply pull up with the trailer, back it into the right spot and you’re done.  What a great deal to have an RV that can go anywhere and not be a huge hassle to set up and camp in.

The more popular brands of these camper trailers include Jayco trailers and Coleman brand trailers.  These both give you a lot of options and great features.  There is a camper type style that is very quick and easy to set up in only a few minutes.  It is easy to anchor, level and hook up the camper in only a few minutes, if needed.  Some campers even have the option of water and also electricity inside these pop up tent trailers which is not only functional but practical as well.

Beyond these simple features some of the trailers have ac units, bathrooms, awnings and bicycle or canoe racks.  Many people who take them camping today will install LCD television sets, and indoor shower stall, mattress pads that are heated, adapters for iPods and computers, vanities, a microwave and much more.  These are easy to use and simple campers that are ready to go when you are.

The technological world has really come upon us at this point in time and Jayco has stepped up to make style that offers more add-ons and features that cannot be understated.  Many of the fold up style trailers are now fully closed and it only takes a matter of minutes to get on the road and moving.

Always check out the internet for more information on the styles and campers you like the best.  Deals can be numerous if you only look in the right places.  Many RV dealers will have these types of tent trailers in stock in their inventories.  Don’t rush your purchase as there are many models to choose from in the light weight trailer franchise.  Keep looking and you’ll find just the right tent trailer for you and your family.