Tips on Buying Travel Trailers Used

When it comes to buying a used or new RV the purchase and sell amounts really come down to the seller’s knowledge of the trailer market, condition of the unit and the history of certain models for sale.  There are several sources to look at when it comes to purchasing travel trailers used.  Below is a quick guide to learning what is out there and how the prices you see online or in print ads are determined.

It is important to remember above all that prices on used travel trailers can go from one extreme to another and vary a lot.  Travel campers vary from twelve feet to thirty five feet in total length.  While the many different trailers on the market average around fourteen thousand dollars the actual prices will range between nine thousand and sixty thousand dollars and more.  Another thing to consider that is a strange aspect of travel trailers for sale is that the exact same make, model and year will often times vary based on the condition of the trailer.  The overall maintenance of the camper itself will strongly affect what the resale price will be.  Another consideration is the mileage of the camper and whether it has motorized amenities like sliding areas of the trailer, a satellite dish, an electric awning or any other options.

The first thing to do when looking at travel trailers used for purchase is to consult a pricing guide.  This is a great companion piece for any one interested in buying a travel trailer.  Some of these price guides can easily be found online while others you may have to find in print form in order to find price help on RVs.  The price guides for travel trailers differs from the guides used for automobiles.  Trailers are priced based on years that they are considered “in service” while automobiles are based on the average sales in a certain area.

It’s important to look for the a real selling price associated with a trailer you have interest in.  Check out various pricing websites online to compare.  There are auction sites, sell by owner sites and retail sites that will give a good idea of the ball park for any used camper trailer.  It is challenging when looking for a specific make and model since they may not be up for sale at the time.  Try to broaden the horizon of the kind of RV that is being searched for that way you are not excluding trailers that are accessible and available for comparison.

Look for a local trailer expert.  There should be someone in the area where you live that has some great insights into the market.  Their appraisal of any used travel trailer that you are looking at purchasing will be helpful.  This type of help can be found at a local inspection shop, specialized repair place or RV dealer.  In more recent times this kind of help can be found online as well.  There are forums and chat rooms that will provide many different perspectives as well as expert opinions on many types of travel trailers on the market.

There are also places online where consumers themselves will rate different businesses or properties and this will include autos and RVs.  These participants will help locate experts to guide in the process of finding not only the right used travel trailer but the right price, too.

Another place where someone can save a lot of time and money is by checking and going through sites that review auctions for travel trailers.  Online buying guides are also included in some of these review sites.  These sites many times do not require the user to sign up or even register and yet they will provide a service for free.

Travel trailers used, or even slightly used, can still benefit a buyer in so many ways.  Don’t be put off simply because a trailer has been used in the past by a family or even multiple families and owners but be sure to treat each trailer on its own merits and condition.  A travel trailer cannot always be judged as outdated or worn out based on age but should be assessed by how well it has been taken care of by its previous owner.  Engage in the buying process.  Wear and tear can sometimes be evident by simply by detail minded observance and if something looks mistreated on the outside this can be an indication of how well the trailer may have been treated in general.  Once a camper passes a simple visual test then it is time to go beyond an amateur’s opinion and consult an expert or price guide resource.  Utilize these resources that are available and that were listed above, there are a myriad of contacts and content online and in your local area to choose from.